Dystonia Bulletin Board
On behalf of the Dystonia Medical Research Foundation (DMRF), it has been a privilege for the Foundation to sponsor the volunteer-created and led Dystonia Bulletin Board for approximately two decades, since the internet emerged as a tool to connect people across the globe. Sadly, due to a decrease in activity and interest, the Dystonia Bulletin Board will be permanently closing in December. A specific date will be provided soon; we wanted to be sure to give users advance notice of this change.

We are dearly grateful to our moderators, Bob Campbell, Linda Walking Woman, and Jeff Harris for the countless hours, over many years, they have invested in the Dystonia Bulletin Board and its members. It has been inspiring to witness the evolution of this very special online community and the vast compassion shared by its members.

The DMRF offers a number of online groups that Dystonia BB members are welcome to join. You can find links to those groups here: https://dystonia-foundation.org/living-dystonia/online/

The DMRF is also in the process of building new social networks into our website, and hope to have announcements pertaining to these new support resources in the coming months. For updates, please stay in touch by joining our email list at https://dystonia-foundation.org/email

The Dystonia BB was dedicated to the memory of DMRF member Larry Bienstock, who created the first known dystonia online group (alt.support.dystonia) in 1994/1995. We continue to honor Larry and his dedication to creating connection within the dystonia community in our efforts to provide positive online spaces for peer support.

Thank you all for being a part of this very special online community. If you have questions or concerns, please feel free to contact me at jfeeley@dystonia-foundation.org. Or contact the DMRF at www.dystonia-foundation.org/contact or 800-377-3978.

You can view the bulletin board archives at: